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Infinite Tennis
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Tennis Psychology

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The Inner Game of Tennis

One of the first books I read on tennis instruction. It is an all time classic. This new version has been revised. The new information is well worth reading even if you have read the original. You'll learn how to learn tennis in a natural manner and let your subconscious do the playing instead of your conscious mind. 



  Winning Ugly : Mental Warfare in...

This is a fantastic book on Tennis Strategy. This is the coach who helped Andre Agassi play up to his full potential. In the latest version of the book there is a chapter by Andre Agassi explaining how Brad's Ugly Advice helped him win the Major Tournaments of the world. Learn how to hit to your opponents weaknesses and have them hit to your strengths. 

  Unlimited Doubles!!  

This is a fantastic book on playing Doubles. It was rated as the best doubles book by Tennis Instructors and students alike. Click the link above to read the glowing reviews.  





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