Easy Volleying
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Easy Volleying

By Roger Haeske, Copyright 1999

Now for a simple way to improve your volleys when at the net. The
problem with every single student I ever taught tennis is that they
swing too much on their volleys. To stop this, the next time you try to
volley, just don't swing at all. You heard me. Just block the ball back
and try to make contact with the ball landing in the center of the
strings (the sweetspot). No swing is very close to how you should be
doing your volleys at all times. When a ball is coming at you quickly,
just the act of blocking it will actually send it back quite well. If
you analyze any of the professional tennis players their volleys have
almost no backswing. It's footwork, (stepping forward into the volley)
and a firm grip at impact that drives the ball. They only take a
slightly bigger swing when the ball is coming at them very slowly.
Another important point on the volley is to keep your racquet out in
front of you as much as possible.

(The other day I gave an outdoor tennis lesson to a new student. He was
amazed at how a little information instantly improved his tennis game.
He was using the wrong grip and therefore wasn't getting enough power on
his topspin forehand. A simple grip change to an eastern grip, and a
couple of other simple tips and he was hitting powerful topspin
forehands. Email me or call me at 732-432-4839 if you want to set up a
series of lessons.)


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Last modified: March 07, 2005
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