Power Serving Tip
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Power Serving Tip
By Roger Haeske

You must act like a power server. When you go to serve you must have the attitude that you can easily crank out aces. I've found that even though I already have a very good serve I don't always bring that attitude with me to the tennis match. When I recently started to focus on being what they call me at the club "Rocket Roger," my serving prowess increased tremendously. I played some doubles with some guys a little weaker than me and I just blew them away with my arsenal of serves. My cannonball serve was the hardest it has been in years. I estimate in the 120's. Those guys were so impressed that some of them want to take serving lessons from me. 

The key was I kept on thinking of myself as a rocket server with the expectation of greater accuracy and power. By doing this I increased my serving efficiency at least 15%. Remember this mental law: you get what you focus on. So before you go to serve you must have a vision of a powerful serve, otherwise you just won't be able to do it. You must change your self-image to that of a tremendous server. In your imagination you must center yourself in the image of a server you admire. Take on the person's mannerisms and expectations on the serve. The key is to think from that persons point of view, not to think about that person. Become childlike and pretend what you dream to be and soon enough you will be. 



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