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Announcing an Amazing Technique to Improve Your Tennis Game

by Roger Haeske

Most tennis players don't realize one very important thing; their tennis game is created in their thoughts and imagination. Your outer results are a replica of your inner state of mind. All things originate in thought first. Including so called talent and athletic ability. It is a well proven principle in Hypnosis that once a person believes something on a subconscious level that idea becomes a fact.

An example of this is someone who is in a deep state of hypnosis, is told that they are about to be touched by the end of a burning cigarette. In reality it is only the hypnotist's pencil. The result is the subject immediately gets a blister. Their body produces the same exact symptoms as if a real cigarette had touched them. Another example is that of a man who accidentally got locked in a freezer car on a train. That car was actually inoperative and never got below approximately 50 degrees. When this person was found he was dead and the symptoms were of hypothermia or freezing to death.

The cause of these situations was the power of  belief. Even though the physical reality said otherwise the power of a person's belief is even stronger than reality. There is a saying that "What you can conceive and believe you can achieve." Your potential in life is unlimited if you can control your beliefs. You simply have to learn to control and direct your imagination instead of letting it run wild. Your habitual thinking and imagining controls your results. Just look back at your tennis game and you will see that this is true. Try these ideas out, pretend that they are true and eventually you will come to believe them as I have. I'm going to give you very simple step by step techniques that you can use for tennis, sports and any other area of life to manifest your goals.

The principle is called Continuous Imagination. The application is quite simple, focus on what you want to happen and ignore your present negative results and do this continuously. You want to create circumstances and not be a victim of them. You can't let the so-called outer world of reality dictate what you can accomplish, for in fact reality is created in your imagination and then manifested as your results. You have to stop saying and believing you have a bad backhand. For in fact if you look back on your playing experiences you must have hit at least a few great backhands.

So the first technique of continuous imagination is to look back on your past experiences and dwell only on the times when you were successful. Stop trying to be a realist by including your weaknesses. Whatever you focus on gets magnified in your awareness. So focus on success rather than failure. This is the same idea Anthony Robbins teaches, that human beings are deletion creatures. We very often delete all of the positive experiences we've had in life and focus on the negative instead. Tennis players are notorious for constantly complaining about having a bad day and about all the mistakes they are making.

What will happen if you use this technique? It is amazing but you start learning again and you get out of your rut. You start to realize that you have amazing potential and better yet you start to feel the incredible inner power behind your beautiful thoughts of success. I've applied this technique many times to my own game and have seen tremendous improvement with little physical practice.

One time I went out to play and programmed my mind to believe that I had an incredible return of serve. The fact of the matter is that previous to that point I considered my return of serve a weakness. Even though there were times in the past that I did return serve well. Most of my experiences were of a weak return, so being a realist I identified with the majority of my past outcomes rather than the minority of good times. All the while I didn't realize that I constantly created my reality by expecting a poor return of serve. Well the results were incredible. My first two return of serves were returned for winners in the most difficult return of all, the inside out one-handed backhand return. I had a general sense of confidence on my return and performed much better than normal. To this day my return of serve is much more reliable because I changed my beliefs. My thoughts made a new reality for me. If I went in with my old thinking I'd still be messing up my returns no matter how many lessons I took to straighten them out.

The way to change your beliefs and self-image is to use the power of continuous imagination. You must learn to control your imagination because it is the source of your personal power. Don't let it run wild, instead you must control it. It can create or destroy and it is extremely sensitive and in use 24 hours per day. Pretend or act as if you had achieved your goal of a great serve or of playing in the zone or to play like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi or Martina Hingis. Soon enough it will become a reality. The key is to have a sustained visualization period so that your thinking then becomes automatic.

For the next 30 days I want you to spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening of visualizing having achieved your tennis goal. Sit back and close your eyes and get your body relaxed. Picture a relaxing scene from your past. Or you can chant a holy word or prayer for about 5 minutes to get you in a receptive state to tune into the higher power. In your imagination see a golden white light fill you and let it spread out from you to include the world and then the universe. Then feel the infinite power, love and freedom flowing through you. Once you get a sense of this you are ready to visualize your desired goal. Remember to make it in the present tense, to imagine from the desired state. Live it and feel it. Experience all the muscles involved and enjoy the feeling of having achieved your goal. See what it feels like to hit that backhand at full power and feeling 100% confident.

Make up a short inspiring sentence of you having achieved your goal and write that sentence out on the back of a business card. Make sure to carry the card with you and repeat the sentence at least 50 times throughout the day. The card will act as an anchor to your higher power the Creative Imagination. If you can put beautiful pictures of your goal on the front of the card that is even better. Visual pictures can be very inspiring. As the saying goes "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."

If you follow these techniques you can make more progress on your tennis game in a month than you made in the last year.

(I'm a tennis pro and have been studying and developing these techniques for over 15 years. I'm also a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My research has included the study of hundreds of books including peak performance and personal growth literature, accelerated learning, spirituality, metaphysics, and nutrition. I've also attended numerous seminars in the personal growth field. I've been a leader, teacher and seminar speaker in a spiritual/personal growth group for over 10 years.) For more techniques, info or to schedule tennis lessons, contact me Roger Haeske at (732) 432-4839 or email







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