The Holodeck Technique
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The Holodeck Technique:

MENTAL OPTIMIZATION TENNIS TIP: "How to Overcome Nerves and Play your best Under Pressure."

I call this the Holodeck Technique. I named it after the Holodeck from the newer Star Trek Television Series. This technique has helped me in my Tennis Game and in real life situations.

The Holodeck is a computer program that is 3D and life like. You can program any situation you want. Take a trip to Hawaii, go back in time, dine at your favorite restaurant etc. Say you want to play tennis against Pete Sampras, you would just program it in. The key with the Holodeck is that you are the only live person in there. All the other people, places and things are computer generated. If for instance,  you were nervous about asking someone out on a date, you could practice it on the Holodeck and not get embarrassed, because there were no real people involved.

How does this apply to your tennis game? Many times players don't play their best due to what they think others will think about them. For instance if your playing doubles and you have a negative and critical partner you may be afraid to really go for a shot. If your playing a tournament you might get nervous with people watching you. I even have situations were I don't play my best when I play against a specific person that makes me nervous.

One time I was going to be playing doubles with some very good players. One of the players was also a highly critical person. Before I went to play I simply reminded myself that I would be in a Holodeck Program and that I was the only real person in there. I was able to play without fear of making a mistake. I constantly reminded myself that I was in a holodeck. Anytime a fear showed up I just went into Holodeck mode.

This technique won't work however if you don't believe it. Another way to look at these situations is this. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? Most times, once you realize and accept the worst, then you can build positively from there. So maybe you'll play awfully and embarrass yourself. But embarrassment is only because of what you feel someone else thinks about you. Remember that you are in control of how you feel. There is no actual outside pressure. It's all created within your mind.





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