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Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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This article excerpted from the Special Report by Roger Haeske “How to Instantly Improve Your Tennis Game by "Removing your Hidden Performance Barriers”:

Many tennis players don’t realize one very important thing; their tennis game is created first in their thoughts and imagination. Your failure or success on the tennis court is the direct result of your thoughts and beliefs. You can’t have the proper mechanics, until you have developed the proper thought processes. Your game originates in thought first; including so called talent and athletic ability.

It is a well-proven principle in Hypnosis that once a person believes something on a subconscious level that idea becomes a fact. An example is someone who is in a deep state of hypnosis. The hypnotist tells them that they are about to be touched by the end of a burning cigarette. In reality it is only the hypnotist’s pencil. The result is the person immediately develops a blister. Their body produces the same exact symptoms as if a real cigarette had touched them.

The cause of this situation is the power of BELIEF. Even though the physical reality said otherwise, the power of a person’s belief is even stronger than reality. There is a famous saying from the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill that states, “What you can conceive and believe you can achieve.” Your potential in tennis and life is virtually unlimited if you can control your beliefs.

***Controlling Your Expectations*** This technique shows you how to improve your tennis game by learning how to control your thought process by way of your expectations.

The next time you’re playing tennis start observing your thought process. What are you thinking about just before you hit a shot? Do this for all your strokes, from your weakest stroke to your most confident stroke. Did you find you were expecting to miss some of your shots? What do you expect to happen on your best shots, probably success, right? Your Subconscious Expectations CONTROL how well you play. This is the most important point of this special report.

This is something most players are simply unaware of. Once you start becoming aware of your previously subconscious thoughts you can make instantaneous breakthroughs in your tennis game. I know this because I have done it myself. I’ve also seen quick improvement with my students when I helped them to let go of a false and limiting belief.

***Discover Your False Beliefs*** The first thing you should do is to become aware of your false beliefs and expectations. You can start by questioning and doubting what you believe to be your current limitations.

Once I was playing tennis with a practice partner. I was serving and volleying with poor results. About 90% of the time that I went to the net I missed my volleys. After repeated failure, it occurred to me to pay attention to what I was thinking, just before I hit my volleys.

I quickly realized that I EXPECTED to miss the volley before I even hit it. So I tried a simple experiment. What if I didn’t focus on my technique but simply changed my thoughts to expecting success on my volleys? All I did was to picture and feel myself hitting great volleys just before I hit the actual shot. I changed my expectations.

The result was fantastic. I instantaneously started getting in 80% of my volleys. I had such a feeling of confidence. The only thing I changed was my expectations, but I immediately improved my volley 70%. For years I had been struggling with my volleys. I realized that one of my main problems were my negative expectations. As long as I had that fear of missing I would never use the proper mechanics.





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