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Try my Peak Performance Tennis Lessons and You'll Get $111 Worth of Gifts that will Improve Your Tennis Game

Dear Friend,

I've decided to make a limited time offer for people who want to take private or semi-private tennis lessons with me. This is for indoor lessons in the Central New Jersey Area.

My name is Roger Haeske and let me tell you a little about my tennis teaching background and credentials. I started teaching tennis in 1985 and have 19 years of teaching experience. I've worked with hundreds of students in that time.

Over the years I've learned quite a bit about teaching tennis. My philosophy has changed and improved many times. What you are getting now is the culmination of many years of teaching experience and constant research on learning theory, tennis and peak performance.

You shouldn't confuse these lessons with some college tennis player who's charging $25 an hour for outdoor lessons. These young pros may be great players but do they understand the nuances of teaching tennis? Teaching tennis isn't easy. A tennis student can mentally understand a skill and never be able to do it.

Over the years I've found all sorts of techniques that make learning tennis easier. Now you won't become a tennis pro overnight, but I think you'll find that my lessons allow you to learn quickly and you'll enjoy yourself in the process.

What do you get?

I've written an ebook called "Infinite Tennis," and an audio program called "33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves."

"Infinite Tennis," will show you how to reach your full tennis potential. It's like a new and improved version of the tennis classic, "The Inner Game of Tennis," by Timothy Gallwey. You can read much more about it and the audio program by going to this link: www.SuperTennis.net/itennis

You'll also be receiving my fantastic exercise program. Trust me this will help your tennis game in a big way. It won't take long for you to see results translated into tennis prowess. Everyone in the family can use it and benefit from it. It's called the Lightning Speed Exercise Program.

You'll also get a free racquet tune up that is worth $32.00. I'll restring your tennis racquet with strings worth up to $25.00 and I'll also throw in a Gamma Shockbuster and an overgrip.

Finally I'll also give you a email consultation for your tennis game worth $45. I'll send you answers to three of your email questions related to tennis, fitness and or nutrition.

If you add up all the bonuses they are worth $111. A private lesson indoors is $75 per hour. If you split it with two people it comes down to $37.50.

I teach all ages and skill levels

I often get students who think I don't teach beginners. Don't worry I teach beginners and even young children starting at five years of age.

Teaching young children is more about hand/eye/racquet coordination, ball tracking and footwork. I've created a whole system of teaching that I've developed specifically for beginners.

How a Beginning Tennis Player Can Learn to Beat 50% of all Players in a Month

These are recent strategies that I've implemented into my teaching within the last couple of years. I've applied the business rule 80/20 otherwise called the Pareto Principle to tennis.

I've analyzed what were the most important skills to winning and that is what I now concentrate on with my students.

I'll show you shots that are the easiest and least time consuming to learn, but that will help you win quickly. If you focus on the wrong skills and strategies you could be playing for years and never master tennis. But I show you quick and easy things to help you start winning today.

It almost never fails that I can beat most of my students by playing a very low stress and easy game. I call it level 1 or level 1.5 for the slightly more advanced students. Even advanced students have trouble beating level 1.5. The secret is that almost anyone can learn to play level 1 in a month of daily practice and in another month play at level 1.5.

But most players simply can't beat those levels. The reason is that they are focusing on the things that are unimportant and are losing because of it. They might have great looking shots but they can't beat some who plays level 1.

What happens is that about 80% of your results in tennis come from about 20% of the skills you use in tennis. That is the 80/20 Rule applied to tennis.

I'll help you find the unfair advantages that will make you a good player much more quickly than the average tennis instructor.

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Roger's Super Tennis
A-1 Riverview Dr.
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Email me: rh(at)supertennis.net

Just replace the (at) with the @ sign to send me an email.