Gary Magnifico
Owner of Magnifico's Ice Cream, East Brunswick, NJ  

Dear Roger,

Thanks for improving my game 100%. You showed me the proper way to hit shots. I'm starting to get to the point that I don't have to think about my strokes anymore. I feel more confident in my shots where before I was just guessing at how to do my shots. I could have been playing many years and not figured out some of the stuff you told me in one lesson.

Now instead of thinking about my shots I just do them, no more doubt, just a clear goal in mind. Once you feel the stroke you won't have to think about it anymore. That's what you call Inner Mechanics. I love taking lessons from you because instead of hitting with someone and making the same mistake over and over, now I've got you correcting and helping me play great.

My strategy has improved tremendously. You showed me many tactics including how to know when to go to the net and where I should position myself.

Mentally I've improved as well. You showed me the importance of staying positive and how that helps me improve quicker. You showed me to focus on the desired end result, i.e. a nice stroke not on any mistakes I made. You get negative results from negative thoughts.

You've also taught me to teach myself. Now I know when I'm making a mistake and I know what caused it. I also have your special: Law of Opposites Technique to help me correct problems.

Thanks for taking me from a low intermediate to an advanced player,
Gary Magnifico


Mike Wood, Assistant Store Manager, The Sports Authority 

I have known Roger for over a year now, as the  stringer for my store.  Roger and I have had a fun running bet that I couldn't get a point off of him in a full set. Needless to say I personally haven't picked up a tennis racquet in at least 5 years and when I did it was only casual tennis at best. So my chances were slim to none of actually getting that point off of him. Recently we really started talking about that challenge more so I figured let me at least give it a shot. I knew to have any chance I had to go out and at least hit some balls just to get a feel for it. Fortunately a relative of mine was an experienced tennis player and was more than willing to play against me to help me practice for this unrealistic bet. 

While playing against my Mother-in-law I really didn't have much of a chance at beating her either, and I didn't. Being fortunate to see Roger on a daily basis I would pick his brain for some tips to help my cause in beating or at least becoming competitive against her. Well that in itself worked. He explained to me some theories and some strategic play as well as the proper techniques of hitting the ball so I could make my shots more effective against her. We played several sets that went to tie breakers and on occasion I even got to the point that I beat her.

Then came the moment of truth. My match against Roger. Prior to my match Roger agreed to watch me hit some balls and give me my first tennis lesson. Roger quickly picked out some errors in my swing. His teaching techniques were excellent. He made it extremely easy to learn them and did it in an efficient matter to get the most out of my lesson. He not only did it with a visual presentation but he walks you through every phase of the swing from the ready position to the proper follow through and every step between. I'm not going to claim to be an outstanding tennis player but after just one lesson with Roger I went from occasionally beating my Mother-in-law to beating her every time with ease.

I can honestly say that not only did Roger greatly improve my game with one lesson but he also built up a great desire for myself to become a better player. I would not only recommend Roger to anyone who would like to improve their game. I personally wouldn't look anywhere else for anyone to teach me the game but Roger. I can't thank Roger enough for what he has done for me and I am looking forward to becoming the best player I can be with the help from Roger.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Wood

P.S. In case you were curious about my match with Roger, I did get that point. Unfortunately, he did wipe me off the court for the whole set though.


To all tennis players, athletes, preachers and teachers this book is a Must have in your library of favorite uplifting and inspiring journals. Roger Haeske thank you for your insight, your energy and your positive outlook on all that is….I will read, recommend and then re-read your words over and over again.

Keep walking with the spirit..

Tina Hoskins


(Author: 1001 Incredible Tennis Games, Drills, & Tips!!)



Thank you Roger. 

My serves have increased in speed about 30% in my first week after listening to, 33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves. I already had an effective serve, now I've added the speed I need to dominate.

Rajiv Khanolkar
CEO Netforensics


MARK RUE, 14, South Brunswick, NJ

I've taken group lessons before and they helped me on my footwork. They didn't concentrate really on strokes. Then when me and my friend took private lessons with Roger, I've gotten so much better. I can't really explain it, but it's cool that I have improved in the game of tennis. As I practice more, I'll become more of a complete player. 

Roger taught me the forehand topspin and its a big weapon. Every time I hit it deep on my dad, he doesn't like it. He can't return it well (smiling). With more lessons, I did have more desire to play the game of tennis. It's like my ultimate sport. 

This is important that I had lessons because as I go into High School I can surprise many people. I thank Roger for the techniques and mind games of tennis. That was one thing that was important, the mind. The mind can do many things to your game. If you think your gonna lose, your gonna lose. But when your mind is on the game and your are focused, you'll get better and better.

THANKS A LOT TO ROGER! (Trust me, the lessons pay off) -MARK


Tony Davis, Somerset, NJ

My game has improved a lot. Last week all the guys at the tennis club were very impressed about how well I played. So I told them I had just one lesson with you. They couldn't believe how much I improved in one week.  I really appreciate the coaching, it was well worth it. Again thanks, and I will be in touch ....Tony Davis.


Ann Cham, East Brunswick, NJ

Roger, Congratulations!  What a great achievement!  The book and the audio on serves sounds beneficial.  I had a chance to read some of the articles in your book and it's great.


Roberta Kahan, Manalapan, NJ

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my tennis lessons with you. Not only do I feel more confident with my stokes, my friends have noticed how much my game has improved. 

Thank you so much, Roberta