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Click the title below or the book cover to learn more about, Infinite Tennis. 

Infinite Tennis
"Unlock and Unleash your Hidden Potential to Play Your Best Tennis Ever!"

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Tennis Psychology


Local Tennis: 
For Central Jersey Tennis Players to find partners, learn about local tennis events, read tennis tips, etc.
Sign-up for my free email newsletter. Get tennis and racquet maintenance tips. Find out about tennis activities in the East Brunswick Area. 
Dramatically Improve Your Mental Tennis Game 
Find out all about East Brunswick Racquet Club's tennis programs.

Tennis Instruction:
Fantastic instructional articles with videos. Analysis of the top pros. Like an extensive series of articles analyzing Pete Sampras's serve and showing you how to do it. 
I bought his book in 1992. He simplifies the tennis game and uncovers many tennis myths. Lots of free short video tips as well.
This is a very informative site by Tom Veneziano. He has a similar teaching philosophy to me. There are many free articles to help you improve your game.

Rules of Tennis: 
Read all the indexed rules of tennis.

Personal Growth:
My Peak Performance and Self-Improvement website. Learn how to make positive changes in your life with Special Reports and Articles.
Unleash your Imagination to Be, Do or Have whatever you Desire. 
80 FREE Classic Motivational Books Online


The Lightning Speed Program 
New York Sports Club's Website 
One of my Motivational Heroes, still going strong at 87 years of age. 

Raw-Food Nutrition:

The Raw Food Diet Success Society 

The Superbeing Diet
Join people from the New Jersey Area who are interested in a Raw Food Diet. 
Lots of articles and resources for the Vegetarian Raw-Foodist 
Interesting articles with scientific documentation. 
Books and all sorts of other raw-food supplies. 
Interview with a Meat-Eating Raw Foodist. Very interesting.

The Best Structural Engineer in the World

Links to my father's website:

Great Pyramid Upper Passage - End Time Scenario
<<< if you really want to know what's going on >>>

Cosmic Conflict - A path leading us into the
Inevitable, but there is a way out - if you care.

Illuminati - 666 - Novus Ordo Seclorum
Who is behind it?  Where did it come from?

<<< Universal System of Forced Worship >>>
Explore the Shocking




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