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Infinite Tennis
"Unlock and Unleash your Hidden Potential to Play Your Best Tennis Ever!"

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What's New

10.8.04 How to Beat a Pusher

9.22.04 Imagination Education: How to Learn Tennis Quickly via the Power of Imagination

9.13.04 "Is Roger Federer the Greatest Tennis Player Ever?"

3.12.04 Latest Article: "How to Beat 75% of All Tennis Players by Hitting Lightly"

10.07.02 Added 1 month of email coaching as a sixth extra bonus when you purchase the, Infinite Tennis Package

8.16.02 Released the new ebook: Infinite Tennis for sale. Also released my new audio program for sale: 33 Techniques for Rocket-Like Serves

8.12.01 Learn Tennis the Natural Way , Added many new Discount and Discontinued Tennis Frames.

8.8.01 Now you can get discount prices on tennis books and videos. I've listed some of the best books and videos available for Tennis Players. I've also added some fantastic audiotape programs that will help you achieve your full potential on the tennis court and in life. 

8.5.01 Special Report: Biofeedback for Tennis

7.31.01  US Open Mania: Bus trip to the US Open Qualifiers only $20. Leaving Friday August 24th from Jersey 34 Tennis Club in Matawan at 9am coming back around 8 or 9pm. Contact Jeff Levine at 732-583-5413.

Tickets to night sessions of the first week of the US Open available from Fran. Call 732-583-7437.

7.3.01 Key Words Defined

6.28.01 Special Report: A Tennis Myth Debunked

Special Low Summer Rates for Private Tennis Lessons

5.22.01 Special Report Effortless Mechanics

5.15.01 Special Report: The Mayhem and Magic of Beliefs

4.24.01 Check out the latest e-announcements from players in the Central Jersey Area. 

4.13.01 Special Report: The Holy Grail to Super Athletic Ability

3.20.01 Radical Raw Nutrition for Peak Performance

2.24.01 I just divided up what was one site into two websites. To get your racquet strung, buy racquets or accessories go to BestStringer.com

2.24.01 Changed the name and focus of this website to SuperbeingTennis.com




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